Where to add ads.txt file in WordPress

Hope You’ve already created ads.txt file and add there all information that Your advertisers asked (Google AdSense and others if any). If not just create an empty file in testEditor on Your device and paste there the given info and save the file as ads.txt. Where to add ads.txt file in WordPress If such question… Read More »

How to check Django and Python version?

In this article you will clear up the following questions: how to check django version on Windows how to check django version on Ubuntu how to check python version on Windows how to check python version on Ubuntu Not to waste your time let’s go to the needed commands 🙂 How to check Python version… Read More »

WordPress: how to edit php files from admin panel?

If you are newer in WordPress and need to change some php files from admin panel and do not use your server admin panel or ftp, this article would help you. How to edit php files of your theme in admin panel WordPress To do this, you need to go to ‘Appearance’ and choose its… Read More »

How to add robots.txt to Django?

Recently I needed to set robots.txt for Django site. I hope everyone know that robots.txt is very important for the site as well as sitemap.xml, so both this files should be present at your blog/site. If you installed Django CMS to the server from the box, robots.txt is already present, but if you use basic… Read More »

ADB launch app using package name

If you want to launch android application through android debug bridge (ADB) you need to go to the shell, type the application package name and start its ActivityName. Below you can find the examples. How to launch app using ADB? 1 Variant (send 2 commands in terminal): 2 Variant (send 1 direct command in terminal):… Read More »

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What does flag mean in htaccess file WordPress?

When we create our blogs it is more convenient to set some rule on server-side as it will save our and server time. For these issues the best way to use htaccess file. What is htaccess file? .htaccess is a configuration file for use on web servers running the Apache Web Server software. So if… Read More »

WordPress htaccess: redirect index.html to index.php

If you need to make the redirection from index.html to index.php the best way to do this on the server-side not the client one. This solution is better as firstly it is real quick and easy like, and secondly you don’t need to keep in mind about this change in future while making any changes… Read More »